i cannot remember what life was like through photographs
and trying to recreate images life gives us from the past <3
By: hoochie and smoochie

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table of contents:


1) 02.26.05 -- clubbin w/ RANDY! <3
2) 11.26.04 -- thanksgiving
3) 11.20.04 -- southgate HO-tel partyy
4) 11.07.04 -- 11.06 -- ryan cabrera concert & chillin with the man himself
5) 10.31.04 -- halloween!
6) 8.25.04 -- 8.18.04 -- ryan cabrera meet&greet
7) 04.19.04 -- spring break pictures!

[ps: if you get red x's instead of pictures, just right click on show picture. its hard to load cause theres lots. BE PATiENT! ]

Saturday, 26-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
cLubBiN with randyyy <3333

at the club with randy from real world san diego!

on the way there . . .

brian driving us there.

me drinking alcohol from a gas station coffee cup.

kristy bein a bartender in the car and mixing our drinks.

we were amazed at the tim hortons & wendys combined. .

at the cluub

kristy and brian

me and brian.

get lowwww

we gave the waterbottle a face. we were drunk & it was funny. kthx.

the face on the wa-wa bottle.

hahaha. me & kristy flicking people off through the glass.

chillin in the lounge.

i would just like you to note how drunk we look.

we thought it was fun using our boobs to push the table over.

my face. hahahah. how drunk ARE WE?!

brian sandwich!

kristy, brian, me & lauren dancing.

me, lauren and vani dancing.

vani, me, RANDY, kristy and lauren <3

me & randy. awww hes just like a big teddy bear.

randy and kristyyy!

and randy and laurie whoriee.

randy with vani.

randy talking onstage.

his mouth cause im a good photographer.

on the way home..

we put on these tacky ass shades in the gas station that we had to stop at cause we were lost. .

this is an actual sign at the white castle by my house. LOLOL. "no drug deals".


Friday, 26-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

we had a very eventful turkey day

in the van, all bundled up, on the way to the parade

outside the state theatre @ the parade.

inside the state theatre

we caught mardi gra beads i dont know whats up with the funny looks on our faces, haha


ashlee simpson was on there. with joe simpson, who we yelled at & he waved. haha.

& nick cannon was on that one. but who really cares.


the mascots on the field, but its hard to tell. they were all fighting. it was the best part of the game!

we thought this man looked like the keyboardist from maroon 5. so we took his picture. i <3'd him .

showing some lions spirit even though they suck.

us holding our sign for jeff&dave so they'd seen us on TV

awww i love my bestie <3

Saturday, 20-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
southgate HOTEL partayyy

getting ready for the par-tay:

at the HO-TEL:

us all tangled in the tacky tiki lights that i love

kristy in the hotel gettin tiiipsy

me drinkin some smirnoffff yuum

smirnoff = <33

kristy after a few drinks in her

me being retarded as well.

Sunday, 7-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
11.06.04 -- rYaN cAbrErA ((we meet again))

cLutCh cArGoS
rYaN cAbrErA cOnCeRt!!!

the ryan concert @ clutch cargo's... we got there SUPER early & were second in line. ryans bus got there around 7 in the a.m so we stalked it out every few minutes along with the 4 or so other girls we were with. finally, we met his tour manager and he said he'd tell ryan to come out around noon when he woke up. aww! so low and behold, around 11:30, ryan took a walk around the block and then came over and talked to us! he took pictures&signed autographs with the seven of us and we all hung out for a long time ! he was sooo nice & we got to play with his hair.

& sometime while we were chillin w/ ryan, someone just dropped a peach pie off on the steps of clutch cargos! haha, NO ONE knew where it came from! so the bodyguard picked it up and gave it some bum on the street and said, "here, you just won a pie, sir!"

aLsO ---- HE REMEMBERED US from the last time. hes such a sweetie.
he told us it was a "beautiful thing" that we were out there waiting for him and said "you guys are so delicious!"
we hung out for so long & just got to talk to him way longer than the meet n greet
so it was awesome
and his band is sweet as heck too.
we love the moppy boy & jewish drum player! <3

"i'll tell you a little story... its very little, about this big" ((makes a little example with his hands)) "since we're all just hangin out, we're all gonna be best friends!"

[we only picked a few pictures to put on here since we have OVER 50!] :

thats his bus!

waiting in line to see him.

us in front of the ryan sign!

hoochie&smoochie waitin early in the morning to see our ry-ry

ryan&his tour manager by the bus.

WE ARE TOUCHING HIS HAIR! both of us.. look closely !!! it was so soft, hes so cute, what a sexy face!


a hug from ryan! im in heaven.

kristy cuddling with ryan.


we touched that hair hes touching. .

how adorable! hes not picking his nose, hes trying to think of a pose!
"that wasnt my pose, i was THINKING! gotta do another one now!" hes too nice.

"we're best friends"

the back of the van.

we met nitty too! he just happened to be performing at the club & stopped by.

hoochie&smoochie w/ the 93.1 van cause THEY ARE THE BEST!


look how close we are! front&center (it looks kind of far away but we were right up front )

this is the wedgie story! it was so cute. he's demonstrating. "squeezers" if you will...

this is ryan's drummer, him&ryan switched places and while he was playing the guitar, he made faces at us the whole time (okay cause we were pointing and laughing), but JORDAN THE JEWISH DRUMMER IS HOTTTT i love him.

and theres ryan playing the drums for jordan. hes so talented!

we also love the mophead guitar player. sexy kid. "i love your mop!!!!!!"

i spilled doubleshots, french vanilla cappuncino AND iced capp on my pants that day. im so clumsy!

11.06.04 -- BEST NiGHT EVERR! <33

he told us a story about him getting a wedgie, "it was back when i wore tighty-whities...'squeezers' if you will..".. ""MOMMY..mommy...HELP!" awww.
"you guys are making me hyper..i get hyper when i eat a lot of sugar sometimes, and you guys are all hyped up. and i ate skittles for breakfast!"

"that story had nothing to do with the next song... i just have ADD sometimes!" ((everyone cheers)) haha.

*singing in high pitched voice* "sometimes i like to sing like a girl, and i dont know why!"

((during the concert))
me - (screaming) RYAN, YOURE SEXY!
ryan - oh thank you!

"hey, the love is mutual"

"hey, ryan, watch out.."
"i can handle 'em, bring it on!"


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